6 Things to Consider When Choosing A Massage Gun.

1. Be careful of China drop shippers.

Not all brands offer UK Next Day Shipping like we do. Many of the brands advertising on Social Media are actually shipping directly from China (also called drop shipping) which entails a very long waiting time of at least 2-4 weeks (if your lucky). Most of the time they also require you to pay additional VAT and duties when the goods reach the boarder so be careful and make sure to check. 

 We ship only from our warehouse in the UK so you can expect no extra hidden costs and you can be confident to get your package within only 1-2 days. 

2. Look out for warranty.

A massage gun is not a cheap investment and its important that you are buying something which will last you. Not all suppliers offer 1 year warranty like we do and for some other retailers  if it breaks you are on your own. Buy with confidence that you will be covered if anything is to go wrong. 

3. Don't always believe the reviews.

Yes its true. It’s competitive out there and many massage gun companies use fake reviews to boost their online presence. Sometimes these spread into the thousands of fake reviews on their own website. It can be shameful. Our recommendation is to only read the reviews written on trusted third party sites such as Trustpilot. Read our reviews here. 

4. The technical stuff...

Stall Force: is the maximum amount of power/pressure the massage gun can exert. This is important to penetrate deeper into the larger muscle groups such as your quads, biceps and back. We recommend buying the highest power you can afford so to give you the ultimate flexibility of using your gun on the smaller muscles with a lower gear setting and the larger muscle groups with a higher gear setting.  You can controll the power easily, just give yourself more power to work with for when you need it. 

HITs Per Minute: This is the speed or the frequency at which the massage gun vibrates. A faster HITs Per Minute generally gives you massage results faster or in a shorter period of time, look for 3,500 as a minimum. 

Amplitude: Is measured in millimetres and is the distance which the massage head moves across each hit. A bigger amplitudes of over 12mm means the head travels further which offers a deeper penetration into the muscle tissue. We wouldn’t recommend buying an amplitude below 10mm as this simply will only vibrate the outside of your muscle rather then actually giving any deep percussive benefits. 

NOISE: While it doesn’t impact the performance, a noisy gun is irritating and limits when and where you can use it. Quieter is always better, especially for using it indoors, at the gym or in front of the TV. Our massage guns are tested to be some of the quietest on the market so can be used in almost all environments. 

5. Big or Small?

Pocket sized massage guns have a significant benefit of being more convenient than their bigger brothers. The ability to carry the massage gun easily in your bag or in your pocket while it also being extremely lightweight is something you will appreciate more then you think. 

It’s important however to be careful when choosing a small gun. We have found the power and performance of these mini massage guns vary significantly and in many cases can be lacklustre. Our Pulsio Air actually outperforms most of the common Full Size massage guns found on the internet. So size doesn’t always matter. Just be sure to do your research.

Full size massage guns lack convenience but they do (sometimes) offer better performance. Best to check and the technical specs and do your research to be sure. 

6. Do I need to spend over £300 on a massage gun?

The answer is no. It’s often thought that some of the big brands such as Hypervice or Theragun offer the best products because they can charge over £300. From our testing this is not true. In fact from out testing we have found they either match the same power and performance of our larger massage guns and our Pulsio Air outperforms their Miniature massage guns by a significant margin. Don’t always believe the hype, just do your research and compare price vs performance. 

Have a question? 

Feel free to reach out to our team at support@pulsio.co.uk. We will respond to any question within 24 hours.