Who Are We?

Who are we?

We are a team of fitness enthusiasts and physiotherapists who are passionate at developing industry leading massage products.

Making The Best Recovery Devices Affordable

Over the last 10 years advancements in motor performance, battery capacity and an extensive amount of research into percussive treatment has enabled for the development of new groundbreaking recovery devices. The problem has been that these devices were only available to the world’s best athletes who used them to – reduce lactic acid build up, speed up recovery, improve joint mobility, relieve muscle soreness and subsequently gain a performance advantage. But there was nothing available for everyday fitness enthusiasts. The founders of Pulsio have passionately sought to create a device which still retains the advanced technical characteristics of these premium devices, yet at affordable prices for everyone.

Our Mission

To empower everyone to live a healthier, happier life and retain an active lifestyle. Our goal is to Pulsio in the hands of everyone, irrespective of their fitness level and budget. So that you can continue doing what you love best.

Proud To Be British

We are a British based company and all our devices are designed at our studio in London. We rigorously test every product (and our competitors products) to ensure that we are the best in the industry and will always honour any feedback from customers. We compare our products to leading brands including Pulse Roll, Hypervice and Thereagun except we do not charge the extortionate prices.